Exponential Potential

So much more than a disruptive playbook

We live in a crazy age. Top companies are growing faster than ever and companies are disappearing faster than ever.

If you do not have the right mindset and toolset, your company will soon be destined for the history books.

In Exponential Potential, Dean Furman covers almost every element of growing a company and gives you the tools to ensure that you disrupt before being disrupted.

This book will give you the Exponential Potential to take your business to a whole new level.

Warning: Don’t read this book if you are scared of taking a giant leap towards success.

Recommended by Fast Company 

Furman offers great insights and advice for both companies and individuals who are striving to innovate in a world that is constantly being disrupted. His mantra of “disrupt before beingdisrupted” is backed up with details on the mindset needed, how to build a new solution, and how to market and scale with valuable tips and best practices. This book will open people’s minds to innovation in a way most never thought possible.

Kelly Palmer, CLO Degreed (Former CLO LinkedIn & VP Learning Yahoo!)