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Dean Furman is the Founder and CEO of 1064 Degrees.

He is a disruptive innovation expert and and prior to founding 1064 Degrees, he headed up disruptive innovation for the Alexander Forbes Group amongst other things, founding a new company and a new division for the group.

He is an actuary by profession, and has won multiple awards for innovative, best of breed solutions.

In 2016, Dean was voted one of South Africa’s Top South African’s under the age of 35.

Dean is the author of “Exponential Potential” – a comprehensive guide to business growth and disruption.

Exponential Potential

So much more than a disruptive playbook

We live in a crazy age. Top companies are growing faster than ever and companies are disappearing faster than ever.

If you do not have the right mindset and toolset, your company will soon be destined for the history books.

In Exponential Potential, Dean Furman covers almost every element of growing a company and gives you the tools to ensure that you disrupt before being disrupted.

This book will give you the Exponential Potential to take your business to a whole new level.

Warning: Don’t read this book if you are scared of taking a giant leap towards success.

Recommended by Fast Company 

Furman offers great insights and advice for both companies and individuals who are striving to innovate in a world that is constantly being disrupted. His mantra of “disrupt before beingdisrupted” is backed up with details on the mindset needed, how to build a new solution, and how to market and scale with valuable tips and best practices. This book will open people’s minds to innovation in a way most never thought possible.

Kelly Palmer, CLO Degreed (Former CLO LinkedIn & VP Learning Yahoo!)

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Who we are


1064 Degrees has a mission to future-proof companies of all sizes and to supercharge their growth. We are in an age of exponential changes. The world is moving faster than ever. Companies can not approach this new world, with the same mindset and tools that they did in the past decade. If they do, they will be disrupted and soon become irrelevant.

1064 provides a variety of services to help companies plug into this new exponential world. 1064 equips you to be the disruptor and rather than disrupted.

Why the name ‘1064 Degrees’?

1064 Degrees is the melting point of gold. This is the heat that needs to be added to give it fluidity and to transform it into something so much more valuable.

Like gold, the average company has good intrinsic value but is not dynamic enough to reshape itself in line with changing times. To so they need 1064 Degrees.


The RIMC was unlike anything else I have attended. It was loaded with business hacks that has the potential to save an organisation or start-up a great deal of time and energy. It’s one of the very few times in my career that I was able to leave a workshop and make use of the solutions. immediately in my business. Dean’s offering is relevant, up- to- date and rewarding.

Onelogix executive

Brilliant class – I would recommend Dean as a keynote speaker any time for companies who really want to be super successful in the marketplace. Disruption is the game plan of the future.” – CEO, BluWave

“I thought it was very informative and actually quite mind boggling. Dean is exceptionally brilliant and well informed and great sense of humour. Can’t wait to read his book.

Head of technology and transformation, Sasfin

An extraordinary man

Cliff Central

Dean Furman is my innovation go-to guru. His straight-talking, creative engagement evidences why he is one of the leading innovation experts in South Africa. Dean worked with me to create excellent, relevant content. With Dean’s help, our teams now more easily identify the possibilities around them and turn their ideas into practical action. He freely shares some of his ‘growth hacks’ so potential disruptors can benefit from his insight long after he has left the conference room. He ‘gets’ the corporate machine, helping teams think differently about their clients’ needs and cut through red tape.

Michael S. – Head of Proposition & Marketing, large investment platform

Most futurist presentations are so far into the future that they are excitingly non-relevant. Dean has a warm and exponential way of connecting you to the future by allowing you to leverage tangible free technology while you listen to him. He is engaging and his thinking is divergent. He demonstrates innovation and anyone attending his session will leave with a new mind set. If you are looking to improve your business exponentially and AI is not yet in your immediate grasp, 1064 degrees is

Merle Van RijssenSenior Learning Specialist, Nedbank

Dean’s energy during his Innovation Masterclass was infectious! He is very knowledge on the subject and I learned so much, especially which tools to use during various stages of the innovation process. I would recommend the course to everyone interested in Innovation!

Zachda Prinsloo Associate Director Innovation (Africa) - ABInBEV

I thought it was very informative and actually quite mind boggling. Dean is exceptionally brilliant and well informed and great sense of humour. Can’t wait to read his book.

Estelle De BeerHead IT Strategy and Transformation at Sasfin Bank Ltd

Thank you for a great session with our Academy 2018 delegates last night. They were enthralled with the information you shared with them and certainly opened some eyes and minds to the numerous tools and great host of information available out there.

Sue HaynesHeads of Bidvest Academy

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