Artificial Intelligence is the biggest digital disruptor that the world of work has faced in a long time. It brings with it massive opportunities. This game-based session is the fastest, most fun and impactful way to identify these opportunities


Increased understanding of which job roles are and will be disrupted by artificial intelligence

Increased knowledge of what artificial intelligence is, how it is being used globally by the world’s most innovative companies (with knowledge being brought home to relate to your industry) industry)

Attendees will generate a host of ideas to enhance yur business using AI

Teambuilding for the team


2-4 hour session (depending on needs), with three components:
1) A talk focused on what leaders and (non data science) employees need to know about AI
2) Playing the Dawn of Disruption
3) De-brief to apply lessons from the game to your company
Delivery options: Online or in-person

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