Dean Furman


Renowned Thought Leader

Dean is one of Africa’s top thought leaders on the subjects of innovation, business growth and emerging technologies. Through his sagely advice and guidance, Dean has helped multiple of the continent’s biggest companies to innovate and grow their businesses. Dean has also created educational experiences that have been experienced by thousands of people inside organizations from a wide range of industries.


He is the author of Exponential Potential. In this book, he takes readers through almost every element of growing a company and innovating in this fast-changing world.

Prior to founding 1064 Degrees:

Dean headed up a Digital innovation skunkworks called Innoruption Holdings funded by the Alexander Forbes group. He created a new division for the group, as well as a number of new solutions. Prior to that he head up product development and innovation for Alexander Forbes He was recognized by the Mail & Guardian as one of South Africa’s top people under 35 for his efforts.


Dean is an actuary by profession and showed a knack for innovation early in his career twice winning Discovery’s annual award for top innovation from any actuary in the group.

Other than running 1064 Degrees, Dean is also a Rabbi, who has a mission to add light to the life of others.

Mark Furman


Mark has been a full time professional keynote speaker for 20 years, covering a diverse range of topics including business warfare, competitive and sales strategy and decision-making. Mark has applied his own thinking in practice and is the founder and CEO of Evalu8r, a unique cloud based voice of customer platform. Evalu8r is is the only platform of its kind that monetizes the value of customer relationships and predicts revenue at risk and growth potential. Mark has had thousands of conversations with his client’s clients understanding what they truly want and specializes in customerfocused innovation.

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