This a virtual game-based, facilitated session where the outcome is understanding the innovation growth blockers in your organisation and then working together to assess how to unblock these obstacles to growth


The core of the session is the virtual “Ultimate Growth” game. Players split up into teams and compete to grow the largest company. They need to take “Actions” balancing risk versus reward, but at the same time they need to avoid the “Growth Blockers”. “Growth Blockers” are behaviours, processes and mindsets that prevent growth. Team also get advice based on quotes from ‘world leaders’, to help them ‘steal’ growth from your competing virtual companies.

The players will need to identify which of these blockers your company faces in reality. In the debrief after, the game each team playing the game will present back the steps that they feel need to be taken to enhance growth inside your company based on the lessons in the game.


Option A) 2.5 hour (or half-day) Masterclass
Delivery options: Online or in-person

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